Thursday, December 1, 2011


  • We had more time with the nebulizer than I would have liked, but Little Man appears to be good as new. We have a prescription for a puffer and a nebulizer of our very own, plus the albuterol to go with it. We think we may have a recurring problem on our hands, so we're planning to be prepared. (My mom was a Girl Scout Troop Leader. This also explains the large size of my purses and why they are often so full and heavy.)
  • This week we had firsts for both children: Little Man stood up completely by himself - no leaning, no grabbing, no support of any kind. And Fuss colored in the lines of a coloring book picture and also drew her own toddler-stick figures on paper all by herself. I'm quite proud. 
  • I had a migraine on Monday that nearly felled me. It had been SUCH a long time since I'd had one that strong and it came out of no where. And the fact that Little Man wanted to do nothing more than climb on me and smack me in the head ALL DAY LONG really did not help the matter. 
  • My dear friend Kat - who I am hoping will one day be my life-long BFF (she is the mother of Fuss's "best friend") is having a birthday next Wednesday. I want to make her a present - something small, but thoughtful and sweet, as we aren't yet in the "usually exchange presents" place in our friendship. But it's something I want to do. I just don't yet know what to make. Argh. She's a great baker, so treats aren't really ideal (plus, 2 days later we're doing a cookie exchange at MOPS, so...) I kind of want to do some hand-made notecards, but I'm not really sure... seems like it's so old fashioned that I don't know if she'll use them and... I'm still scrounging for ideas. 
  • I'm also looking for ideas for crafts for the kids to make for Christmas. Both at home (Fuss and Little Man) and as a fun get-together project for Fuss, Gracie, and possibly C (my friend Jo's son who is the same age as Fuss and Gracie). 
  • My next Thirty-one Party is next week for my friend M. I'm planning to really play up the Christmas angle -wrapping and decorations accordingly. Hoping for some big sales! 
  • I'm getting my first-ever Brazillian bikini wax tonight. I guess you could say it is an early Christmas present for my husband! I'm a little nervous! 
  • I have this plan to get back into blogging regularly again. My initial idea is to blog every day in December, but that is probably ridiculous considering how busy December usually is - and that my calendar is filling quickly! But I will try!

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  1. Wow, I'm so glad to hear its been a long time since you've had such a strong migraine. Obviously, I wish you hadn't had one Monday, but I remember you used to get them all the time.

    I want to hear what you think of the Brazilian - I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to get one. Have you gotten any kind of wax before? I haven't.

    I think hand-made notecards would be a lovely gift and the right 'size' gift for someone you don't normally exchange presents with.