Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Make it up

Well, so much for posting every day. I had some great ideas, too... But Saturday night my husband declared that we were going to bug bomb the house on Sunday and while we were out of the house, we would go to Orlando to see ICE! with the kiddos. Worked out great. (we are having a problem with ticks and our dog and so the bug bomb to was to hopefully obliterate the current issue. Here's hoping.)

Today, I succeeded in making 2 felt crinkley owls for Christmas presents for my future niece/nephew and for my hopefully soon-to-be new BFF's baby girl. They turned out cute. I also cut all the fabric for the plethora of bean abgs I'm making for my own kids. I also want to make this really pretty personalized nightlight for Fuss's best friend, Gracie, but the tutorial calls for an item found at Hobby Lobby and the closest one to me is 90 minutes away. Not happening. I need to go to Michaels and find out if they carry it and if not, I need to go back to the drawing board. My current back-up plan is making doll diapers for both Fuss and Gracie's baby dolls, but I was honestly going to cut out the shape of the diaper out of some extra receiving blankets we had and leave it at that for Fuss (I am not great with my sewing machine and she isn't picky) but it seems tacky to do that for a gift for a friend, doesn't it?

I also finished the calendars for the family yesterday, and ordered our Christmas cards last night from Tiny Prints. I'm quite excited about them!

I'm really proud of myself for all the Made stuff I'm doing this year. I always love making stuff, but I have trouble coming up with something USEFUL that I can make, so I don't end up doing it.

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