Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Passed*

I've spent my morning hitting refresh on a number of pages, waiting for the link to the Thirty-one Outlet Sale. We were told it would open to consultants on December 27th and to the public on December 28th. But no further info was given. I'm supposed to be folding the MOUNTAIN of laundry I have collected recently, (which I have done SOME), but I keep coming back to the computer to check to see if it is open. Geez, people!

I got a Nook Tablet for Christmas and I am LOVING it. It would be perfect if I could switch all my already-downloaded Kindle books over to it, but we shall see. Having a blast playing Words with Friends with my Aunt Sharon. Though, dang, that game takes a long time because you have to wait for the other person to notice that YOU played... anyhow. It's fun. I've already found several books and apps. Good times.

We had a nice Christmas overall. The kids were spoiled by everyone and we have so many new toys and things for them to play with! My mom was so excited about the Moon Dough she got for Fuss. My sister had told me about it and Fuss has played with some at their house - but OMG is this stuff a pain to clean up! I mean, yes, you can vacuum it, but it's like it doesn't really stay together, so you are vacuuming it up A LOT. On one hand, this means that I am vacuuming more than usual and getting my floor cleaner than usual. On the other hand, I am vacuuming more than usual and I hate to vacuum and both of my children are sensitive to loud noises and fuss, cry, and run away when the vacuum starts up. So there's that.

I've been having my daily headaches again and I am SO over it. Wishing there was a way to make myself feel better!

(* I stole the title today from Heather Spohr at The Spohrs are Multiplying.)

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  1. My husband got a Nook tablet, too! He loves it. Glad your Christmas was nice.