Monday, December 19, 2011


No seriously, I think I'm done with my Christmas shopping. Including prep stuff. We have our turkey thawing in the freezer (his name is Ignatz. Although, my husband keeps referring to him as Ignatius. I told him either way, he was going to get very personal with said bird and so he might as well just call him Iggy.) And this morning, Living Social helped me out with the final gift for my husband - something I didn't think I was going to be able to get in time, but did!

I am still waiting for one small package for Fuss. Technically, it's the package that contains the gift from her brother, but I have an alternate if it doesn't show on time. I bought it off Amazon and didn't realize that they weren't guaranteeing delivery by Christmas until I had already bought it. Also still waiting on the package containing the bulk of my husband's gifts - but that is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I'm not overly worried.

Regardless, I am done. I think. I had one other project that I wanted to do for my husband, but it might not get done. Depends a lot on the kids and if they cooperate. I really should do my best since it 's technically their gift to their daddy, but he won't really care one way or the other. I also need to go to the post office to mail my SIL's package, but again, that might not happen before Christmas and even if it doesn't, no biggie. So they get some gifts after Christmas, the girls will be thrilled!

I am so happy with all my homemade gifts this year! I'm proud of myself! Of course, my addiction to Pinterest should be credited and I keep finding other things I want to do, but my husband has declared that anything additional needs to wait until after Christmas. Which is fine. I can handle that.

I found something yesterday that I had bought months ago (September?) for Fuss and I'm excited about it. I mentioned that I thought she might have gotten the short end this year from us (though Grandma has totally picked up the slack) but I think there will be plenty for her to be excited about.

I made my Snickerdoodles yesterday and they turned out great. I'm hoping to make the pretzel chocolate things today and my husband's oatmeal, crasin, white chocolate cookies tomorrow. If I can I need to make Cowboy Cookies for him on Thursday. They are his favorite.

Things I made this year:
1. Bean bags for the kids. Sure to be a big hit.
2. Doll diapers for Fuss and her friend Gracie.
3. Stuffed, crinkly owls for my future niece or nephew and Gracie's little sister.
4. Rice-filled warmers for my SILs.
5. Picture frames (I decorated them) with pics of SILs and the kids for my SILs.
6. The annual family calendar for all the family. Courtesy of Shutterfly.
7. Framed kid-artwork for my Dad.
8. My Christmas Wreath.
9. Ornaments (with Fuss)
10. Decorated plates for my neighbors. I will also fill them with cookies.

I think that's it, but it seems like a LOT! And I have that one final thing to finish for Daddy Fuss. I'm quite proud of myself, actually.


  1. That sounds like fun! A LOT of work, but I enjoy doing crafty things. I've been so busy this year with work and the baby I didn't get to make much of anything.

  2. That is an impressive DIY list! I made ... umm, fudge and oreo truffles and a couple other Christmas no-bake goodies. And it took me multiple nights because it hurts my back to stand around and mess with them too much. One day I'll have a relief mat in my kitchen. One. Day.