Friday, December 16, 2011

7 quick takes

I realized at 4 in the morning that I hadn't written here all week. Blogger (me, not the website) FAIL.

1. I have found myself intrigued by Christmas lawn decoarations this year. Mostly, I used to think they were tacky. (Though I liked to look at them, so apparently I'm attracted to tacky.) But I want to find something tasteful to put up - though I'll probably have to wait until next year. I think I want a nativity scene. But not the blow up kind. There was one that was popular a few years ago and I swear, Joseph looked like Osama bin Laden.

2. We went to Kat's house yesterday and Gracie and Fuss made ornaments. We had so much fun. All of my ideas were courtesy of Pinterest. We had a good time - and even the mommies had a blast trying different things.

3. Need to go to the post office today. Love our Christmas cards this year!

4. I have to buy some food for Christmas dinner, finish the stocking stuffers, wrap gifts (one of my favorite parts), and clean up the house. And then, I am completely ready for Christmas. Of course, the day that everyone is coming, I may be singing a different tune.

5. This year, the Little Man is getting a Baby Laptop, a Little People Airplane and a CD and book. Fuss is getting a Sleeping Beauty set (similar here), wooden paper dolls, and a handful of other things. Santa is bringing them an outside climber-thing. It's got a small tower, a slide, a rock wall, and a ladder. Little Man is also getting a bean bag chair and a step stool. Fuss is getting those, too, except they are from my mom. (the step stool will be here Christmas morning, though. The bean bag chair is coming later.) My mom also got her an Our Generation doll - similar to the American Girls, only MUCH cheaper and more accessible. (sold at Target.) I think I might have not made the gifts terribly even this year. It seems like Fuss is getting the short end of the deal, but mostly the climber is for her right now and my mom is more than making up for it with the doll, etc. I wanted to get her the doll, but I thought my husband might kill me.

6. I've planted my first 2 recruiting seeds for my Thirty-one team. I'm psyched. Because both friends I've talked to have mentioned that they thought about it, are considering it. If I can get them BOTH to join, I could get a promotion before mid-year! Which would be AWESOME.

7. I'm dealing with a cluster of headaches again. I went to bed with a bad one and I woke up with an even worse one. I am grateful to my husband for letting me sleep as long as possible this morning. Between that and Excedrine Migraine, I am currently able to function.

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