Monday, August 1, 2011

In review

Wow. So I've been ignoring my blog lately. I don't know what it is exactly - a combination of things, really, I'd guess. I'm busy with stuff - we had VBS and now we're leaving for a working vacation of sorts, my cake class, just all sorts of stuff really.

The kids are doing great, though the Little Man seems to be starting either a cold (runny nose, cough, cranky) or another tooth because he's been cranky and not sleeping well again. Fuss has been a handful, but she's also been a joy. When she is being good, she is SO much fun. She sings and dances and is just a major entertainment. I love it. She's curious about everything, she's learning her letters, she's been playing with her friends and she is just a ball full of energy.

It is dreadfully hot, so I pretty much hate doing anything outside. We're planning a couple of play dates indoors soon - bowling, the bounce house place, etc. Should be a good time.

We leave tonight after my final cake class. I wish I could say that the teacher had improved, but I can't. She's scatter-brained and rude to the students, though I have learned a lot about beginning cake decorating. I look forward to tonight's class and putting together what we've learned on a big cake.

I'll be gone all week on a trip to North Carolina. Looking forward to seeing my SIL and nieces. Also hoping to get some reading done, though I won't hold my breath.

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