Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'd love a plate of cheese fries.

CD 2 and I've got the munchies. I crave junk food when I'm on my period - what I wouldn't do for a plate of fries w/ cheese... and a hot fudge sundae... and some southwest eggrolls... ohhhh, eggrolls. How about some sushi? (probably the healthiest item I just listed...)

But of course, I don't have any of that available. I don't even have a vehicle with which to go get any of it, since the van is in the shop getting a few little things fixed before our vacation this weekend...

The Fuss woke up early this morning (6am - she almost never wakes before 6:30 and usually more like 7 if there is no one making noise in the house) and was willing to cuddle instead of hitting the ground running, but she didn't seem hot, even though her last dose of fever-reducing meds was at bed time, 10 hours previous. I figured the 2 doses of antibiotics must have begun to work. We made tentative plans w/ my sisters-in-law to go to the beach and while I am not a beach person (yes, I am a native Floridian. Yes, I live near the beach. Yes, the weather is nice enough year round to actually go to the beach year-round. But I don't like it. I can't really help that.) I was very disappointed when shortly before they were coming to pick us up, I noticed that she was feeling very hot again. According to my less-than-perfectly-accurate thermometer, she was even hotter than she was Sunday and Monday. Yippee. I gave her the last of the infant ibuprofen and we sat around and talked for a bit ( once J and LP arrived) to see if it would kick in quickly or not.

She is acting better - happier, more energetic, quick to laugh as usual - but she still feels fairly warm, so in talking to Daddy Fuss, we decided to skip the beach.
For some reason, this seemed to bother me even more.

I am tired. I have a backache and some mild cramps. I am bored and I really want to get out of the house on my day off. And I want junk food. And wine. Somebody send me some chocolate.

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