Monday, June 1, 2009

Crumbs on my shirt

When I was preparing to become a mother and imaging my life, I expected to need to carry around a spare shirt when The Fuss was a newborn... certain that there would be leaks and spit-up and such... a spare set of clothes for me was going to be standard, I thought. No biggie. That's babies for ya.

The Fuss wasn't a spit-upper. I can count on one hand how many times she spit-up/threw up since she was born. My obsession with burp rags pre-baby was unnecessary, apparently.

She began running a fever this weekend - the first one of her life more than 100 degrees (it was reading over 102) and we had to take her to the doctor this morning. She was clingy and wanted to snuggle all morning - fussed a lot when I put her down for even a second.

When she had her snack this afternoon and then simply wanted to bury her head in my chest while sitting on my lap - I was covered in cheese smudge (cheese crackers) while at work. But I didn't mind. I have long since stopped carrying a spare shirt with me - she doesn't make that much of a mess on ME, usually - but that was okay. I was right where I needed to be - taking care of my baby who wasn't feeling well.

Amoxicillan (sp?) for 10 days (which naturally runs into our vacation, of course) with a diagnosis of possible sinus/ear infection. Poor baby. Responding well to ibuprofen, but only for 2.5 hours or so before the fever spikes again.

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