Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fuss, fashion, Full House, and fasting

I've been trying to do better lately about posting more often. I had a goal last week of posting every day. I blew it, though I think I got close.

The Fuss has been fairly good lately. We're working on a new technique to get her to behave. We're reading To Train Up a Child and it seems to be working. Mostly. I cannot seem to get her to consistently come when called and when I do what the book suggests by physically making her walk to where I was when I called, she collapses into a heap and refuses to stand up again. She sits in passive-aggressive behavior that sometimes escalates to temper-tantrums. Drives me crazy and I have no idea how to handle it.

I am back up to the my pre-pregnancy over-weightness. I hate feeling like this and I really don't know what caused it. I eat what i thought was reasonably. Not always the healthiest, but not awful, either. I even "exersize" more than I ever used to - I walk 2-3 miles twice a week - not exactly training for a marathon, but more than my previous activity (nothing) so I'm frustrated with how much I've blown up lately. I started the SlimFast thing yesterday and did great in the morning, and okay in the afternoon. By dinner I was really looking forward to it, but I kept it to a reasonable portion and was plenty satisfied. I did okay for breakfast this morning, but now it's lunch time and all I want is to EAT!

Random interruption: I am watching a rerun of Full House where Kirk Cameron guest starred. Back when he was such a dream boat. :) Sort of funny to think of him guest starring on his sister's show.

Random interruption II: The Fuss is wearing a dress that was apparently mine. It's really cute, though nearly 30 years out of date and a bit stretched out. I'm hoping to get a picture, but no promises when it will end up on here.

I need to get a dress for a wedding at the end of July. I'm singing a solor for the ceremony, so I have to look nice. It's at one of the nicest hotels in the area, though it's also a beach thing (they're getting married in the hotel, but with a beach theme and beach in the background. I know her dress is formal and the guys will be in tuxes, so I can't just wear a casual sundress or something. Ah, the issues of Florida fashion.

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