Friday, June 26, 2009

Girls' Night

Tonight my sister and a good friend of ours will be going out for sushi, drinks and dessert for a "Girls' night". I've been planning it all week, but I'm running out of time and I don't know what to do in between dinner and dessert. We're probably going me to need some time in between the two to let our food digest. My first thought was mini golf, but it is SO hot and humid right now, that I don't think that's wise. My second though was getting pedicures, but we run into problems including expense, time, availability so I don't think that will work, either.

It's been ages since my sister and I have done anything similar. It's been ages since I shared a margarita with my sister, come to think of it. We used to do it weekly before she went to Sweden. But the last 2 visits when we had more than a couple of hours together she was pregnant with the 2 girls respectively. It's been about 11 months since I was able to go out with "the girls", too so I am very ready for this.

In the last 6.5 years since my sister has been living in another country a lot has happened. In the 3 families represented tonight.

1. A total of 6 kids have been conceived and born to us.
2. I got married.
3. I've moved twice, including buying a house.
4. Friend M had her marriage nearly dissolve.
5. Friend M reconciled her marriage problems and is doing much better.
6. I graduated from college, got my first in-field job, got let go, and got another job sort of in my field. I lost that one when I went on maternity leave. I am now working part-time in the same job she left me in.
7. I've had major surgery.
8. M's youngest baby had surgery.
9. Both of my sister's boys were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (the girls do not have it.)

As you can see, we have a lot to catch up on - that's only the really big stuff.

It's interesting to see what can happen in nearly 7 years of 3 people's lives. I am very much looking forward to our night out.

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