Thursday, June 25, 2009


Dear God,
I know I live in Florida, so I expect it to be hot, but seriously? Could we have a little rain to ease up the humidity? The rain the other night was useful, but where are my summer showers? My AC is working overtime to keep me from sweating.


Dear Husband,
Thanks for getting up with the baby this morning. And I know I ask a lot, but could you please put away the items you pull out of the fridge when you're feeding the baby? It makes it difficult to give her more when the milk is spoiled/grapes are funky, etc. And the half a bottle of baby shampoo that is missing is from when you let her play with the open bottles this morning. Yeah. Probably not a good idea in the future.

Thanks. And I love you!

Dear Self,
Can you cut it out with the negative attitude? I know you're on your period, have a headache, need some help, but seriously. Isn't your life pretty cool overall? Don't you have a pretty awesome husband, beautiful daughter and a nice house? Life is pretty sweet. So cut the crap with all this complaining. People are starting to thin you're miserable when you're not.


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