Sunday, February 25, 2007

4 DPO?

According to my fertility Friend calculator, I ovulated 4 days ago. Later in my cycle (day 17) than I thought I was. I had only been taking temps up until the first rise - around days 12-15 - for awhile and then I'd quit for the month. When I continued last month, i got panicky because it went back down. I'm much higher now this month post day 17 and I seem to be staying there. Whew. At least I know I'm ovulating. Of course, that gives me about 9 days luteal phase if last month was my standard (26 days instead of 28 as I was pre-birth control). When do I test? At day 26? Or do I wait? I already have overly tender nipples, which is pretty abnormal for me. And my temp was very high (for me) this morning (but I slept in about an hour late, too - so who knows?) I'm allowing myself to dream a bit, but trying not to get too hopeful. But I'm being good and skipping the alcohol completely (we went to dinner last night and waitress kept trying to seel me on a martini - I didn't want to say I was pregnant, since I don't know, but kind wanted to to make her get the idea that I wasn't drinking even though Mr Moose got some wine).

I've got this great idea for how to tell Mr Moose I'm PG, but I want it to be a surprise and I know that when I test, he'll probably be there. I wonder if I could take the test at work instead of at home?

There's also this thing I've thought about - I want my sister around at the birth of my first baby. She can usually only come home (they live in Sweden) during the spring - so I would really prefer to get pregnant this summer, but I also don't want to wait. I'm so crazy. And it will be just as wonderful to have here here this spring if I'm already PG.

Keep your fingers crossed - I'm both skeptically optimistic and nervous.

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