Tuesday, February 6, 2007

CD 2

Didn’t even get to the BFN – with my chaotic mid-cycle temps I had assumed I hadn’t ovulated and gave up thinking I might be pregnant. Until I started spotting early, that is, and then I wondered if it was implantation bleeding and not the pre-period stuff. I had wanted to test on Sunday morning, but discussed it with Mr Moose and agreed to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to test. Monday, the pain and flow began and I had no need to waste $ and POAS. I’m going to be more dedicated to my temping this month – even on vacation. I temped over the weekend (and my temp was way up on Saturday leading me to believe that possibly I did ovulate and my chaotic temping due to the odd placement of my alarm clock just screwed everything up) and watched last cycle end and this cycle begin.

The raging hormones in my body may be the reason that the stress at work lately is making me feel like I’m being crushed under the weight. I used to get this dream during my most stressed out times when I worked for my dad that I was being slowly crushed my a large, smooth boulder-like rock. Today, while being talked to by Boss #1, I got that feeling again. He is the type of person that every assignment he gives you is the most important one. Not that it’s more important than the last assignment, but that THIS is the MOST important because it’s what he’s thinking about now. I’m still doing both my old job and my new job and I’m going nuts. Nine more days until vacation and I’m ready to call in sick.

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