Friday, February 9, 2007

Pain and Frigid Indiana

So last night I was freaking out that I had an ectopic pregnancy. Out of nowhere, my shoulder started hurting and I’m talking some serious pain. I didn’t want to alarm Mr Moose, so I didn’t say anything, but then I was fairly confident that it was just muscle pain and he rubbed my back while I whimpered. Just to be sure, I googled this morning and it sounds like I’m okay. Muscle pain isn’t the same as the referred pain they refer to in the symptoms. However, my muscle aches have spread and now I can barely walk. No clue where that is coming from unless it was my 8 flights down evacuation yesterday for a false alarm fire alarm in our building yesterday. Am I in that bad of shape that I can’t walk DOWN 8 flights of stairs without being sore the next day? I seriously need exercise.

Mr Moose has to go out of town to the frozen land of Indiana for a few days. I’m bummed. I hate when he has to go away and since he is The Man Who Never Gets Cold, he of course has no jacket even remotely capable of dealing with Indiana weather in February. He comes back mid afternoon on Valentine’s Day, so at least we get to keep that and go on our vacation the next day.

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