Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tummy Drama

I have gastrointestinal issues. I always have. So there's often at least a little tummy trouble around this house. But over the past few days, my tummy has been the least troubled.

Both kids got sick over the weekend - seemingly random, both threw up during the night on Friday night/Saturday morning and no one got much sleep. I blamed it on a bad bottle of apple juice, but then on Sunday, my husband started getting sick and spent about 12 hours near a bucket or in the bathroom. He got little sleep and once his stomach stopped purging, he slept most of the day.

The baby had more troubles over the weekend, but seemed better by yesterday. Fuss seemed fine over the weekend, but started with troubles (not vomiting, though) yesterday. And last night... oh dear. She repeatedly woke screaming in pain. I can't tell you how I felt when I heard her - it was awful. And she was so tired so it took forever to calm her and get her to stop wailing. She was hurting so much and we're fairly positive it was simply a ton of gas built up in her belly. She feels so much better this morning, but slept in until 8:30.

Here's to hoping that the tummy drama is over around here.


  1. Spencer had that a few weeks ago - they actually did an ultrasound; I was convinced it was his appendix, but it was just gas. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. Oh dear, it seems everyone on the Internet has a sick family. I hope yours feels better soon!