Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grrr. Argh. and then something good.

Last night I was stressed, grumpy, achy, frustrated. I don't know if it was hormonal, chemical, exhaustion or what. I took a bath. I picked up my Kindle and soaked for awhile. It helped my aches. But as I went to sit up, I put my hand on the soap holder and ended up pulling it down on top of me. So there's a whole in the wall of our shower. And a leak in the faucet. And I think I'll just go sit down and cry now, thanks.

I had a rough morning. I was rushing around and the baby was fussing (his favorite thing to do these days) and Fuss was dawdling and I had to go to Bible study... I didn't want to go. I was grumpy about the subject matter (Genesis/Creation - something I've studied a million times through school) but I really wanted to have this extra time with my friend Kat and it IS 90 minutes of free babysitting while I get to talk intelligently with other adults, so I made myself go. I had to stop at 7/11 to get a cup of Coke. (because of course, I didn't have any caffeine in the house!) I also didn't have my "homework" done - so I had to rush in the car and finish answering at least some more of the questions.

Once I got there, I still felt so rushed and pushed and my head was pounding (lack of caffeine) and I just didn't want to be there. BUT once the discussion started... I got into it. I got passionate about it and it was really good. I took notes during the lecture that followed (never a strong suit of mine in high school or college, but at least I won't be tested on this!) and it was really good.

At the end of the lecture, I picked up the kids and made plans for a play date next week with Kat. I struggled to get the kids in the car (diaper bag, bag with my stuff, baby who doesn't walk, toddler who does...) and came home. I arrived home and settled the kids down (Little Man missed his nap this morning and consequently fell asleep in the car, so I plopped him in his crib when we got home) and found an email from my friend April (thanks again!) who told me she was willing to do a party for my new business! I have my 4 parties now, so I can get started! That really helped my mood.

I ate my carryout sushi (from last night) and my dad came over to look at the bathroom catastrophe. I'm hoping the rest of the day continues to improve! I have cake class tonight, but I need to dump this headache before then, ideally.

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