Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Never-ending to do list

My first party - my own Kick Off - is scheduled for October 15th, about 2.5 weeks away. I am nervous. I've heard some interest from friends and my husband's co-workers, but my mind constantly flashes back to the first product party I ever hosted in my early 20's (not as a consultant, just as a host) that was Party Lite and only my mom and my sister attended. I was heartbroken. It all worked out in the end (your hostess rewards were based on both sales and getting another booking, so I just booked another party for a date when more people could come), but I remember setting up the house and getting all excited and then the feeling of no one coming... it was bad. So that is my fear, that no one will come. I haven't really started to fret over the whole "what am I going to say to these people?" issue yet, but it's there in the background of my mind!

I've purchased a handful of things to help me present - a black sheet (in lieu of a tablecloth), purse holders, prizes, hostess gifts, etc. I'm still trying to find a few more things and I'm going to be hitting up a great sale/coupon at Michaels this weekend (20% off the whole order, including sale items!) for a bunch of organizational-like calendars and organizers I found. I really want to focus on the organizational aspects of these products. I feel like that is so needed in this society and in my own life that I know others can relate.

The invites are being mailed out today, though several of the hand-delivered ones have already been handed out. My best friends are getting theirs tomorrow when I will be seeing them anyway.

I'm both nervous and excited about this. I'm also a little nervous since I just found out that one of the friends I was counting on to book wants to put off scheduling it for awhile because she had already committed to hosting a Partylite party in October. So I really only have a couple of bookings (2) plus my own.

But I feel like it's going to work out okay. I hope.

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