Monday, August 27, 2007

Update on the last day of week 13

I made it through the entire weekend without vomiting once. I wanted to on more than one occasion, but I kept it to myself. I can also happily announce that neither the concept of peeing, nor the act of entering a bathroom is causing me to want to throw anymore. There were several days last week where even the concept of myself peeing (and I’m pregnant, I do that A. Lot.) or anyone else peeing in my vicinity (public bathrooms, anyone?) was enough to make me gag and retch. That particular issue seems to be have moved on and I greatly thank heaven for that blessing.

Work today has truly SUCKED. Everyone is cranky (including me – Mr. Moose has had a snoring festival for 5 nights in a row and I can’t sleep very well through that) and everyone is needy and I just want to go home.

In other news:

I finally decided on which baby bedding to get and my mom is going to get it for me. Mr. Moose is ready to start getting the baby’s room in order and I needed to make that decision in order to choose the paint color.

My friend M (who will eventually be the child care giver for my little bundle) who is approximately 8 weeks ahead of me recently found out that she having a little girl. She is thrilled. This is her third child, she already has one of each. I’m excited for her, as well. I can’t wait to find out what mine will be.

I have begun researching the child birthing and nursing classes offered at my hospital. Turns out that they suggest you take the child birth class beginning somewhere in your 24th-30th week. News to me, though I’m sure by the time you get to 36 weeks, sitting on the floor in the birthing position is harder than it looks. That puts us in a class either beginning just after Thanksgiving or in early December depending on which day of the week we choose.

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