Thursday, August 9, 2007

Heartbeat and Veggies

Well, now. We saw the baby’s heartbeat on a quickie ultrasound yesterday. I didn’t get beats per minute, so I have no idea if it was fast or slower. She couldn’t get the sound on the Doppler, so u/s it was. The pictures are nothing to look at, it was better on the screen. Our dear little Kremit was actually starting to look like a human instead of a lima bean.

I’m craving vegetables. Maybe my Gramma is practicing voodoo on me while she’s laid up after her shoulder surgery. But last night all I wanted was the green beans Mr. Moose made and this morning I was actually dreaming about a salad. I’d kill for some Thai food – all those nice, crispy veggies! Yum! I guess it’s a good thing that I’m craving healthy stuff (especially after all I wanted for days was junk – French fries and chicken nuggets and burritos, oh my!)

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