Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee!

It’s been a rough morning already since I had to get blood work done and the receptionist is out (again) with a sick child and I have to cover for her when she is away. (Big sigh) but I got a begonia, a chocolate croissant and cupcakes at work this morning, so hey! It’s shaping up to be a pretty fantastic day!

Seriously thought I was going to loose my breakfast (fresh blueberry muffins made by Mr. Moose) when I was in the car this morning. I managed to control it, but ugh! Yuck!

What is up with the not being able to sleep through the night? Last night I had to contend w/ Mr. Moose’s snoring and he wasn’t being cooperative when I tried to get him to roll over either. But then I thought I felt something tickle my arm, and something on the pillow and I was so sure that there was a bug in bed which then continued to keep me up for awhile. I got a minor bit of heartburn and had to elevate a bit, but I was awake for at least a good hour in the middle of the night where I just couldn’t sleep no matter who tired I was. Ugh. And this was the 3rd night in a row that something like this has occurred. It’s terrible.

My mom and stepfather cooked me dinner last night – homemade Thai food – yum! It was a great evening with them. Mr. Moose was there, too of course. I still don’t know what I want for dinner tonight (I’m having decision-making disorder or something). I’m also feeling very antsy this morning.

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