Monday, August 13, 2007

Lots of whining

I had a migraine on Saturday. Oh, my goodness did it hurt. And all I could do was take Tylenol, avoid light and sound and pray that it would go away. The Tylenol and Coca Cola combo eventually took the edge off. Enough that I was hungry and cranky. And I didn’t want anything w/ peanut butter on it for lunch. Which was pretty much all we had, and all Mr. Moose was really willing to make since he wasn’t exactly hungry.

We’re doing this new budget thing, you see – the Dave Ramsey system? Maybe you’ve heard of it. It involves envelopes and only spending cash and a very detailed budget. I am assured that it works beautifully, and we will be out of debt in about 3 years (with the exception of the mortgage), but meanwhile, I’m having trouble adjusting to the lack thereof of food outings, especially on the weekend, especially when all I really want it a $.89 burrito and WHY can’t I have one? We had a brief argument, which ultimately ended with me raiding our vacation fund and demanding that he go get me some Taco Bell. He did, and while he was gone, I threw up in the toilet, while the dog licked my arm. It was blistering hot all weekend and Mr, Moose kept wanting to sit in the sunroom and play his stupid video game (I hate it. My children will never have a video game console. They are evil). Of course, he wanted to leave the door open to get a little air out there, but all it really succeeded in doing was blowing the hot air in the house and make the AC run non-stop since it wasn’t cooling very effectively. I was grumpy and I felt nasty and I just wanted my husband to stop being cranky, too.

BIG SIGH. Everything ended up being fine and we accomplished the rearranging of the furniture in our bedroom to more comfortably allow me to sleep on my left side. I’m now on the other side of the mattress, so I haven’t gotten comfortable yet. I’m so tired.

And I desperately want to take tomorrow off work and avoid my Tuesday responsibilities… we shall see.

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