Monday, August 20, 2007

Random thoughts and my weekend.

I’ve been reading several other blogs for over a year now. Several topics came up this week that I would like to mention.

Julie at alittlepregnant had a terrible loss this week. I was amazed and awed at the outpouring of sympathy that was posted in the comments section. When I saw the post where she mentioned it, about a day after it was posted, there were over 800 posts of sympathy. I think it is beautiful that she has had such an impact on so many people over the years as she has chronicled her journey.

Arwen wrote a post about the changes to her preconceived notions and plans in parenting that didn’t really come to fruition. She talked about co-sleeping and long-term nursing and all the things she wrinkled her nose up at before her baby was born and how her thoughts have changed since the baby came. I must say that while I’m sure my thoughts will change in some aspects as I adjust to actually having a baby to deal with instead of just the theories of parenting, however, I’m totally disturbed by the concept of nursing a 3-year-old or having a preschooler still sleeping in the parents’ room every night. I imagine that not being able to be a stay at home mom will prevent/allow me to end nursing when I planned (or there abouts), since our baby will be used to a bottle at least part time (though I do plan to pump and use breast milk during that time in case you’re curious).

Maybe I will be posting in another 18 months or so how my opinions have changed and how I cannot imagine quitting right away or whatever, but I’m totally flabbergasted right now as to the whole concept of some of those issues.

On another subject: Over the weekend, my mom and I spent the better part of Saturday together getting pedicures (my toes look so pretty and my feet are so soft) and make-overs. I had forgotten how much I loved to wear make-up and how much prettier I feel wearing it. A little more than a year ago I purchased Bare Essentials make-up and I loved it, but I have to go across the bay to get more and I haven’t had the money or the effort to refill it lately. I bought some drugstore brand alternative that was okay, but didn’t cover very well and had basically gotten to the point where I just wasn’t putting in the effort any longer. Mom and I spent 2 hours at the Prescriptives counter with a lovely French-Canadian woman who did my make-up and made me look amazing.

I recall being told as a young teen when I first began wearing make-up that I was told that I belonged in warm colors and that eye shadows should be neutral (no blues or purples, etc.) in order to look natural and not like a hooker. This woman “colorprinted” me and actually said that my skintone was a little cooler than I always thought and actually put me in purple eye shadow. I resisted at first, but the base she put me in was so nice that I just let her do what she wanted. The effect was amazing. It was obviously a night-wear look – much more make-up than I would wear to the office, for example, but it was beautiful. Mom bought me the basics, including the eye makeup and I’ve been playing with it the rest of the weekend. It’s not as thick as she put it on, of course, but it still looks great and even Mr. Moose commented on how great I looked. I’m feeling like a new woman!

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