Monday, June 11, 2012

Whirlwind of activity!

Wow. June is turning out to be as busy as May!
On Saturday, we went to Fuss's best friend, Gracie's, 4th Birthday Party. Everyone had a great time. Then we all came home and we all had a nap. Mine was short, though, because I had a Thirty-One party that night and I had to finish packing up for that (since I hadn't quite finished unpacking from our trip yet. Oops!). I had a great time partying with some great ladies and made a new friend!

Fuss started her first VBS of the year (there will be THREE this year!) this morning and had a great time learning and singing and playing with her friends (this one is at Gracie's church and their third little friend is also joining them.) I got some stuff done (errands and a visit with my Gram) and tonight we will be going to cheer on Aunt LP, Auntie Amy, and Uncle Nate at a softball game!

This week is also my MIL's birthday, so this weekend we will be celebrating that on Saturday during the day with the family and then, Saturday night, my wonderful husband and I will be celebrating SEVEN years of wedded bliss on a date night while the kids stay w/ Aunt J (and then Fuss is going to have her first aunt-sleepover and hang out with her Aunt J overnight). Sunday is Father's Day and also the performance of the VBS kids at Gracie's church (we haven't exactly figured out how to schedule all this yet) and a baseball game with my step-dad's side of the family, and dinner with them at my mom's house. And next week is Fuss's SECOND VBS of the summer, with Aunt J!

I also found out that my newly-discovered sister's birthday is this week and I need to make sure to acknowledge that and pester my dad to do so as well. I'm HOPING that some time soon my dad will be going up to his old home town and meeting her face-to-face and I'm really hoping things will work out so the kids and I can go with him and see my aunt and meet said sister. I haven't mentioned it to her yet, though. I don't want anyone to get their hopes too high!

On the diet front, I was very discouraged with my situation when according to the scale at Publix (our local grocery store) I'd actually GAINED 2 pounds this week, but I was encouraged when my mom assured me that the accuracy of that scale is questionable and we bought a scale of our very own that comes recommended. According to that one, I'm a little lower than I was, though of course, you can't really count that since I don't know what I was on that scale at the beginning. Here's hoping. I also used a free pass at the Y this weekend and spent half an hour on the bike. I can totally do the bike thing, but I learned that I really need new athletic shoes! 

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