Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Thoughts in my Head

This is how my brain works:

  • Last night we were watching Suits on USA (we often refer to it as "Harvey Specter") and there was this bit of drama between Mike and Rachel - he broke things off last week before things really got started even though they are perfect for her because Harvey told him to because he wanted to tell their secret about him not going to law school, etc. (wow, run on sentence anyone?) But this week, he was saying really sweet things to her, etc. so she's all "what's with that? why can't we be together?" - and I start philosophizing about the concept of sex in a relationship without love and trust. I might be able to deal with sex in a committed relationship without marriage (even though I still believe that is the best choice!) but how can you sleep with someone without love and trust? And then, if it's the beginning of the relationship - WHY do you have to spread out all your secrets from the get-go? Shouldn't dating/starting out be about finding out things about each other and getting to know one another? Why do people think they need to go from 0-60 in 2 days? I obviously need a life if I'm spending this much effort on the relationship of 2 fictional characters on a TV show.
  • I have a few hours to myself this afternoon with which to run errands. I'm practically singing the hallelujah chorus! 
  • It's been a rough week. My husband has been working extra hours, I've been sick, the weather was bad at the beginning of the week so we couldn't get out much... etc. I'm grumpy and I need to get past it. 
  • I'm down another couple of pounds, but I have got to get back to exercise. There is no way I'm going to lose as much as I need to in the time frame I had planned if I don't add in more activity.
  • I was really hoping my "fat pants" would be falling off my hips when I put them on this morning, not so much! 
  • I closed my biggest party to date yesterday and have another small one closing today. I have parties booked for the next couple of months and I'm psyched!

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