Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weigh Down

I started Weight Watchers this week and I've been doing really well. I love that I can eat what I want on this diet - it's really just a matter of budgeting my points, etc. Of course, my body is trying to doom me from the get go - it never fails that I start a diet and then get my period. And this time, I thought I'd outsmarted it because at the end of our trip, I got my period 2 weeks early! So I was thinking - "oh, good. Now I won't have one at the usual time, I can just go along and I'll be fine." BUT my body is giving me the PMS signs - the daily headaches (including a severe migraine yesterday that had me wondering if I was having a stroke it was so painful) and the mood swings have begun. So it looks like I might just get a bonus period this month. Oh yippee.

Right now, I'm dying for a Coke. But I already had my Coke for the day (I'm allowing myself one a day with my breakfast) and since they are between 5-8 points depending on the size (I had a larger one yesterday because of the headache) I can't really drink an extra one if I'm going to have a sensible dinner, you know?

And I still haven't made it to the Y to sign up so I can get going on some exercise. Monday I swam, but yesterday saw me in bed most of the day (thanks to my MIL who came and watched the kids all afternoon and then started dinner for us) with little activity at all.

I don't mind diet foods, but wow, do I want my sodas! And I know that my addiction to them is likely a large contributing factor to my weight gain. (see also: anti-depressants)So I have to be good. I have to stick with it. I have to. I'm sick of looking like a cow - or a hippopotamus.

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