Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My husband is on this self-improvement streak - he's listening to all these podcasts, reading books on marriage, parenting, leadership, business. And I guess it's contagious because I'm doing too. I'm dieting. I'm working out (something I truly hate, but I'm adjusting my attitude), I'm reading the parenting and marriage and budgeting books, I'm listening to podcasts and such on how to improve my business. It's sort of funny, since this is totally not how I saw myself at all. But it's fun to think that I can improve upon myself. It's fun to think that I year from now, I'll be a better person overall.

My one frustration right now is the exercise. And it's not so much the doing it, but I'm getting weird resistance from my husband! He wants me to exercise, he's encouraging on that, but he won't let me sign up for the gym until we "check the budget" even though I've used up my 2 free passes already! And I need the gym and its childcare or I'm not going to do it, you know?

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