Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Have you noticed how we always seem to be trying to do 2 or more things at once? And how technology has enabled us to do it, but how it doesn't seem to ever give us a break?

My husband has Smart Phone. This allows him to get his email (both work and personal) 24/7 even when he's not near his computer. The fact that it fits in his pocket means he can also receive phone calls at all times, too. This means that he is often checking (and responding) to his emails, taking phone calls, searching the web, reading articles on the web, or even playing games while he is also driving, sitting watching TV, or even going to the bathroom.

I have my Nook Tablet. It requires a WiFi connection, so I don't have quite the same freedom he does, but I too can play games, read a book, check and respond to emails while doing many of the same things. I also have a cell phone and tend to talk a lot while driving. Even more so before I had kids - I'd get lonely on my long commutes to and from work.

But I guess my thoughts along these times run from bemused to irritated. I mean, 15 years ago, you could listen to your radio or a CD/tape in your car, but that was it. Or you endured silence. My dad has been known to plug in his laptop in the car and trade stocks while driving. Yes, I'm serious. And yes, I'm surprised he hasn't been in an accident yet.

Technology is awesome. I love that I can carry 20+ (or more when I get around to purchasing them) books in my purse on my Nook without really weighing it down very much. (I always carry a book - have since Jr High school. Harry Potter made that difficult, but I still did it. I just got a bigger purse. And a backache.) I love that I can send a quick text message to my husband while I'm at Target to find out if he needs more shaving cream. But sometimes, unplugging is really ideal. Sometimes, I enjoy the silence, the nothingness that comes from turning it all off for a few minutes.

And then I hear the "ding-dong" letting me know I have a text message.

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