Monday, April 30, 2012

High on life

I had a great time at the party yesterday - I love my job! I love the products, I love people, I love shopping - really, what more could you ask for?

I'm writing again. I'm trying to do a little every day, though I didn't get to it at all yesterday. I figure if I give myself at least SOME time every day to do it, maybe it will keep flowing. Friday, I wrote like a mad woman. Saturday I polished a bit and wrote a little more. Today, I'm stuck on one place, but I'm inspired on an older piece I started ages ago, so I flipped to that one. I'm still missing the file of the novel I was working on before I had kids and I keep thinking about that one, so I may have to start again. Which will be a bummer, because I had a ton of work done on that one, even if it was a little patchy. (You know, I'd write a scene and then get inspired with another one, but couldn't figure exactly how they went together? I had pieces of that story all over the place.) But writing is good. There are times when I get completely lost in it and lose track of time, even with the kids bugging me constantly.

My Gram took us to lunch today and I convinced her to go to our favorite Thai place. She loved it. I sort of knew she would - she likes Chinese food, but I know she prefers crisp, fresh veggies to those that are fried and Thai food seems to fit the bill. So the food was excellent, the kids were well behaved, the restaurant wasn't too crowded, it was kind of perfect. And then our conversation led to her placing an order for my next party (next week), so I kind of felt like the whole afternoon was perfect!

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