Friday, May 18, 2012


Most of the time, my husband is awesome. He's sweet and thoughtful and a wonderful daddy to our kids. He's my best friend. Quite literally (we were best friends long before there were romantic interests involved). He's supportive and encouraging and he takes care of me. He's a good cook, gives great back rubs, and if asked, will watch chick flicks with me without making too much of a fuss. (He draws the line at some of my TV shows, but I get that. I draw the line at some of his.)

But every once in awhile he says something and I feel like I have to justify my entire existence. And I know he doesn't mean it like that, but I get a little defensive. I mean, the grass is always greener, right? But in a time of my life where I often feel inadequate, sometimes those moments and conversations kinda suck.

But on the flip side, he reminds me that I can do better. That I can do more. That I have the potential to be SuperMom when I want to be. And that is encouraging. He believes in me. He believes I'm smart and capable and funny and creative. He believes that I am a good mom, that our kids are lucky to have me, that I'm a good wife.

We made a deal early on in our relationship that if either one of us says something that can be taken in either a good way or a bad way, we meant it the good way. We try to assume the best about each other. And that's what I'm doing about our conversation the other night. I'm looking for the positive.

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