Thursday, May 10, 2012

Damn, this is hard

Damn, this is hard.
My novel keeps taking different directions and sometimes I re-read the last couple paragraphs and I go "how'd I get here?" I'm stuck in a couple of places - I have 2 conflicting ideas. And part of me wants the opinion of someone else, but most of me doesn't want to talk about it until I'm done. Roughly done, naturally, but done nonetheless.

Part of me is SO excited by this though. I have pages and pages of writing. I have an ending in my head (again, roughly or in this case maybe vaguely) and ideas of how to get there, but I keep waffling on some things. It's a romance of a sort, but how steamy is too steamy? How many mistakes can I have the main character make and have her still be loveable to readers? Does it really matter since probably no one will read this?

Meanwhile, I'm busy, busy, busy. Today was the last day of Bible study. Tomorrow is the last day of MOPS. Lots of Thirty-one stuff going on... (still and more) I came home from Bible study to 32 new emails and 16 FB notifications. (At least half of the emails were advertisements. I'm not that popular. But still. That's a lot of emails for me in one morning. I had emptied my inbox before I left for Bible study)

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  1. Oh that is a dilemma to have! maybe try doing a (very) rough bullet point outline with both scenarios and then picking which one seems to work best? Good luck deciding!