Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Writing, writing, writing. Thirty-one, Thirty-one, Thirty-one. My days and my thoughts have been focused on both my writing (I'm currently at about 32,000 words, things have slowed so that I need to pause occasionally to figure out the direction, but it's still coming and I'm pretty sure I have an ending. Somewhere.) and my Thirty-one business. The spring and summer catalogs have been very popular, which makes sense, since the prints right now are prettier than ever. But between end-of-the-year stuff (my Bible study and MOPS both end this week), Fuss's dance recital coming up, and our pending vacation, my calendar is VERY full. And exciting.

I read a blog post today written by a friend I'd known well as a child, but then only in passing as we grew into teens and adults. We reconnected via Facebook a year or so ago, and I remembered being very surprised that she didn't have kids. She'd gotten married young - I had been invited to the wedding, though I was unable to attend, she'd come from a big family and had always liked kids. But her post today touched on the fact that she and her husband were dealing with unexplained infertility and my heart nearly broke for her.

But she can find the joy in it. She has changed her attitude, believing that God has a plan for her life and is refusing to focus on what she doesn't have and instead is focusing on all the blessings He has bestowed upon her. It was sobering and inspiring. As much as I have been given - a husband who loves me with an extreme passion, two beautiful and amazing children, extended family and friends who are active in my life - sometimes I am distracted by the things I want that I don't have. Which is really very silly. And very, very immature. Sounds like something my four-year-old would do, doesn't it?

It reminded me that we are God's children. And we are just that to Him. Children. Young, weak, inexperienced, immature. And He guides us, protects us, and nurtures us with His perfect love. It's wonderful to be able to lean on that when I'm feeling my most weak and overwhelmed.

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