Friday, February 3, 2012


I haven't blogged in... I don't know - 2 weeks? Part of me realizes that not sitting at my computer all day, every day, not spending every waking minute reading blogs, writing my blog, on Facebook and/or Pinterest, etc. may help my mood improve. Another part of me realizes that not having my usual outlet of venting and getting everything down and out and sharing with my online friends can hinder my mood. It's a vicious cycle, trying to find the right balance of my own personal sanity.

The Little Man and I are sick. I don't know if we have the same thing, since we are both presenting with different symptoms (his is a steady fever and extreme crankiness, mine is a persistent headache and tiredness with some intermittent crankiness) but regardless, having a sick, cranky child and a healthy, hyper child (Fuss) isn't helping my personal attitude about being sick. Or being a mom.

I had one of those days recently - one where I wondered if they would be better off with someone else raising them, if I weren't their mother. I didn't dwell on it, like I have in the past, and  the thoughts were somewhat fleeting, but I was keenly aware of the thoughts and wondering if I was PMSing or if my meds needed to be upped or something.

I'm really ready for the week to end. 


  1. C, I have two perfectly healthy children and I feel like that daily.

    Also, I think I might need medication.

  2. I've also been thinking about trying to majorly limit my computer time. It gives me a short attention span and makes me crabby.