Monday, February 6, 2012

Mommy Fail

So this weekend, the Little Man started acting fussy, sprouted a temp, etc. We got very little sleep, he wasn't eating and drinking and kept us up all night nearly every night. I had the chance to take him to the Dr on Friday (he had the fever, but the all-nights didn't start until Friday night) and I chose not to, thinking it was a bug and at most, it would be a waste of time/money to take him in for them to say it was a bug and there was nothing they could do.

Fast forward to this morning (nobody got much sleep anyhow) when his ear started oozing. By the time we got to the pediatrician,  it looked like he had a huge snot-bomb dripping out of his ear and all over his face. Diagnosis: Ear infection w/ perforated ear drum. Good times. I now feel really guilty about making him cry it out last night in his crib when I gave up helping him to fall asleep at 3am.

This afternoon, we got home and I put him down for a nap, did my chores (laundry) and settled Fuss in front of the TV for Quiet Time and went in my room to take a rest. Fast Forward about 45 minutes, I wake to Fuss wailing like a banshee (my dad had caught her being mean to the dog and had told her no and she was being a drama queen) and I get up. She asks for a snack and I go to the pantry to find her something. As I'm standing there, I notice a small, uncapped bottle on the counter. An empty bottle of Concentrated infant drops of acetaminaphen. She drank it.

I called poison control and got the info that she would likely be okay, etc. and not to give her any more for awhile. I know that getting so little sleep over the last few days necessitated getting a rest of some sort, but I feel like a horrible mom right now. She knows better, but I should have made sure that the bottle was put away.

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