Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My week has been a mess - the power went off in my neighborhood around 9am on Monday - I hadn't taken a shower or anything... I went outside to speak to the power company workers that were on the street - they informed me that the power would be off ALL DAY. (A letter we had received stated that there would be "minor interruptions" to our service that day. Minor? Seriously?) I packed up my kids and we went over to my mom's where I finished the load of laundry I had washed that morning (which had my son's precious blanket in - he won't go to sleep without it) and took a shower and camped out. It was really cold (for here) that day and even with the heat on, it was 65 in her house. My house was like an ice box.

The rest of my week hasn't exactly gone as planned, either. I haven't gotten any of the chores I'd planned done - I'm only now able to get to the laundry (power was off all morning again) and other than drop off the dry cleaning (man, I'm missing the convenience of my dad picking it up a couple of times a week!) I feel like nothing is getting accomplished. I need to get focused again, but I can't seem to gather myself to get organized! Even when driving around today, I couldn't seem to focus on where I was going... I feel completely scatter-brained.

I even forgot to send out one of the invitations to Fuss's birthday party. It was the only one I had to mail, but I still feel bad, since it turns out they made another commitment and now can't come. I make lists and then I can't seem to follow them.

We've been talking about when to try for another baby - but some days, most days - I feel like I can't handle the ones I've got - why on earth would I want to add another to the mix?

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