Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shop 'til he drops

My dear husband went to work for a free-lance client this morning - hoping to get it done and out of the way so we could spend the rest of the day together. Here's hoping.

He also agreed to a shopping trip later today. Poor man doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. My shopping list is as follows:

  • Boots for me. Most likely black, but I also need some sort of brown low-heeled shoe as well. It will depend what I find.
  • Christmas clothes for the kids - have pretty much picked them out online at JCP where my MIL gets a discount. 
  • Overalls for Little Man. April's Henry had on the cutest outfit of a simple white polo and overalls yesterday and I couldn't stop melting every time he toddled past me. Must get some for my Little Man. Probably going to look at Old Navy
  • Warm jackets for the kids. While we're at Old Navy, I plan to check out the jackets. I've seen several online that I like for Fuss (she's only getting one, but I like to have options). We are going to NC for Thanksgiving in less than 3 weeks (!) and the temps are quite cold (for us Floridians) up there in the mountains. Considering we were all shivering when the house dropped to 71 yesterday morning, the temps that are predicted to be somewhere in the realm of "highs in the 50s" are going to demand warmer clothes for both munchkins. 
  • A warm jacket for me. I have a lovely black wool pea coat that is 12+ years old that barely fits. Also my leather jacket that only fits over thin sleeves. I need something that looks good and will keep me warm. 
  • Other warmer clothes for the kids. Fuss has a few things - I bought her jeans 2 weeks ago at the consignment shop and she has some stretch pants that still fit from last year - but mostly she has a few long-sleeved tees and a couple of hoodies and that's it. 
Now don't know that we'll be getting all of these things, of course.  I imagine that list will be quite expensive and we just can't afford to get it all at once. But this is what I'm looking for, so he'll be dragged around the mall for a bit. I'll buy him a Starbucks (which lengthens his shopping tolerance significantly) and I put on sexy undies and have teased him with that info, which also lengthens his tolerance (reward at the end, etc.) so I'm hoping he can deal while I at least look.


  1. I might be selling my good coat, if you're interested. It's Coach, so I can't give it to you, but it's a gorgeous black wool coat and hits about mid-thigh. Its in perfect condition. If you are interested I'll ask C what he would want me to sell it for. Probably not too much but it would help pay for my next coat. :)

  2. Did you take the kids with you? I hope it went well...I hate taking kids to the mall.