Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Need sleep. Once upon a time, my bedtime was 10PM. It worked for me. But then, I had to get up by 6 at least several mornings a week, so it made a lot of sense. Then, when my job came to an end and I didn't have to get up as early, I started being able to sleep in a little ('til 6:30 or 7) and started staying up later. Over the last 3 days, I've been up past 11, and one of those days it was past midnight. So yeah, I'm tired.

Both kids are coughing these days. Yippee. I might take them to Bible study tomorrow, regardless. I know, I'm terrible. But I missed 2 weeks ago and don't want to miss again, plus it's like my only "adult only" time during the week, usually. But I hate it when other kids infect MY kids in the nursery, so... debating.

I have a party this weekend - very excited. Also nervous. Trying to decide what sort of presentation to do. Also trying to decide if I should do the gambling game or not. It backfired last time, but since none of my in-laws are coming to this one, I should be safe! I will talk it over with my hostess. But since I NEED bookings, I might do it again to see if I can get some more.

My knee started up again last night and this morning both my knee and my hip hurt. I'm falling apart. Ironically, when I read up on the meniscus injury, it mentioned that it happens to athletes (which I am not) and older people (which I apparently am).

Have to go to the store this morning to buy milk and nothing else. I have a whole list of things that I need or will need rather soon, but my husband paid a ton of big bills this week and we have limited funds until Friday. And I need gas. And he needs gas. So you know, trying to only buy the essentials. And maybe a new shirt for this weekend with the cash I've squirreled away.

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