Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where I randomly talk about friendships because I cannot get my thoughts together...

This weekend I was involved in the wedding of my oldest friend. (By that I mean longest-term that I still keep in touch with, etc.) Cherry I and I met in kindergarten, and though she moved several times, ended up back at school with me in high school and we graduated together. She had asked me to sing a solo for the ceremony and it was a beautiful wedding. It was at a fancy, famous hotel down here and it was really beautiful.

It's funny, because in the list of friends she had involved in her wedding, most of them were friends she made very young (of her 5 bridesmaids, 3 were friends she made before 5th grade, one was her college roommate and only one was from her "adult" life post-college). She is the type of friend who inspires loyalty through the years, and through many moves and life changes.

I've been friends w/ her for 24 years. And it made me think about then length of the friendships I currently have and the changes throughout the years to my friend-base, etc. Maggie wrote a thoughtful post this week about the changes in personality people have throughout the years, so it's been on my mind a lot for the last few days.

My husband is my bestest friend in the world. We called each other best friends through most of high school and college, long before we started to date. I'd be lost without him, in more ways than one.

My sister is my best girlfriend. We've had a very long relationship (for anyone who has missed the history, she is not a biological or legal sister - she is the sister of my heart) and therefore the title of best friend was replaced with something I consider even stronger, the word "sister." She is my "say anything" friend - the one who I can tell my deepest, darkest thoughts and secrets who will not judge and who will listen and advise as requested. She is my roll model, as she is the best example of a wife, mother and person I have ever seen.

My best friend, K is my second-closest girlfriend. She is my talk-for-hours friend, my favorite shopping partner, my former co-worker (and therefore knows what it's like to work for my dad for 14 years) and my "hey, I need to get out of the house, let's take the kids to the park in 30 minutes" friend. It is funny how different we are in our backgrounds, and yet how well we get a long. She introduced a more "worldly" knowledge into my life when we were in college, showed me how to love shoes and introduced me to alcohol.

The girl I was 11 years ago (approximately the time I graduated high school) is a very different. If I were to suddenly meet up with one of the girls I used to hang out with in high school who I lost touch with, I know they would recognize me physically, but would they recognize my personality? I used to be all about singing and music and writing and reading - I'm really not anymore. Singing for Cherry's wedding this weekend was the first time I sang in public in a very long time...

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