Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vacation, Part 3

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As the Philosopher Pink said, "Sometimes it be like that."

Friday afternoon a group of us decided to go get some Carolina BBQ for lunch and visit the Wright Brothers Memorial. LP (my SIL), my MIL, Daddy Fuss, The Fuss and I headed out for lunch. When we arrived at the restaurant, as we walked up to the door The Fuss threw up all over herself and Daddy Fuss. It was a complete surprise. When I had him set her down she vomited again. It was all over her shirt, a little on the skirt she was wearing, her socks and shoes and all over daddy Fuss's clothes. She seemed okay after it was over, but of course, she reaked and I hated to make her wear those yucky clothes. I stripped her shirt off and she sat there topless w/ a blanket around her shoulders for awhile. We were able to get my other SIL to bring The Fuss and daddy Fuss a change of clothes when we met at the memorial. She seemed to be feeling much better and even ate a little bit at lunch.

They gave a nice talk at the memorial about the earliest flights and why the Wright Brothers chose this location for their experiments. We walked up the hill to the memorial (it was very steep and very hot. I would have been happy to skip that part, though the view was great).

We wrapped up our week with a family dinner on Friday night and prep work for our departure the next morning. It was a nice night and we didn't have to do too much running around the next morning if you discount the adventure we had trying to distribute the leftover food in the kitchen.

We got on the road in a timely manner. We stopped around noon at a winery on the mainland and did a wine tasting. It was really fun (this was my first tasting that was more than 2 wines) and we bought a couple of bottles as souvenirs. I also got this pretty little candle holder made from a wine bottle that was hand painted with pretty blue green and yellow stripes.

The Fuss doesn't like to be confined in her seat for long periods of time, so we had to stop periodically to let her get out and move. I can't remember if it was on the way up or on the way home, but we came across the world's worst McDOnald's for travelers. Not playground, no diaper changing station in the bathroom and no room to even attempt such a thing. We had to change her at a booth in the main dining room and I apologize to anyone who felt that was uncouth.

We ended up stopping for the night outside Savannah with the other Florida relatives. By this time I we were all tired and the evening was really rough. I wanted a good dinner, a cocktail, a soak in the tub and a comfy bed. We ended up sharing pizza w/ his family, making our own cocktails from our pathetic stash (and hiding them since his mom is anti-alcohol) and I put the baby to bed and stayed with her reading while Daddy Fuss and his sister checked out the hotel hot tub. Daddy Fuss was in an incredibly bad mood and acted difficult in relating with pretty much everyone.

We got started early the next day and hit the road before the rest of the family was really moving (we said good-bye, but they take awhile to get moving in the morning.)

Another long day of driving ahead of us and more crankiness. But finally, we made it home. It wasn't the greatest night's sleep, as The Fuss was still adjusting to being home and all the random naps she'd taken during the day, but overall, we were all glad to be home. I think 9 days was really way too long to be gone.

I highly recommend The Outer Banks as a nice, relaxing vacation spot. There are a myriad of things to do, or you can do nearly nothing (like I did) and still have a good time.

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