Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Independance Day!

We had a lovely holiday weekend. Very busy, but both lots of fun and productive. My dad took his first vacation in like, 10 years this weekend (it lasted 46 hours. Yeah. My dad's a party animal) and I covered for him at work on Friday afternoon. We had some interesting adventures there, but made it through without too much trouble and enjoyed my afternoon with my husband and The Fuss.

Saturday we got up early, went to breakfast and the grocery store and then had 2 parties in between naps. We swam in the pool at M and A's house and then dropped The Fuss off at my mom's for the evening while we went to a party at my friend's parents' beach condo. Great views of multiple shows from there and despite the fact that we couldn't get the sparklers started because of the wind, it was a lot of fun.

At the last minute, my mom offered the keep The Fuss overnight and we agreed to let her. We had to do a little rushing in the morning to pick her up and get to church, but all in all it was a great day.

We rearranged our living room and cleaned up our dining room so that it is, once again, a dining room and not a room for business papers and baby toys. I'm really happy with how things are looking for now. I know there are some minor, medium, and major changes I'd love to make to our house, especially if we'll be here awhile, but for now, things are pretty good.

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