Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Fuss Skills

The Fuss has learned a few new things lately and I thought I'd share her new habits.

  • She dances. If you tell her to dance or ask if she is dancing she will begin to dance. Usually this entails sort of a "running in place" kind of thing (think the dance in Flashdance to "Maniac") but sometimes she'll do that, while twirling herself around and around. When she hears music she likes she just can't help herself - she MUST dance. She also MUST dance when she gets really excited. She has happy feet, what can I say? I cannot wait to enroll her in ballet classes.
  • She's learned to nod "yes." If you ask her a question she will usually answer, but most often she nods yes, whether she means it or not. It gets frustrating sometimes, but she is so cute when she does the little nod - she seems so sincere.
  • She's learned to say "no." She says it a lot, though she hasn't begun to use it for everything yet, though I know she will eventually. I hear her telling herself and the dogs "no no" when she's doing something, especially when it's something I've told her no about before. She echos me when I repeat it, and sometimes she says it so emphatically that I'm wondering if she really does in fact mean it.
  • Her hair is getting longer, especially in the back and she is beginning to let me put bows and clips in it for longer periods of time (longer than 30 seconds). I've learned to show her the bow before I put it in her hair and she'll leave it in longer. I figured that out when I'd put one in, she'd pull it out, look at it, and attempt to set it back on top of her head. The hair on the sides, though, is still not nearly as long as the back and I still can't do pigtails. I'm bummed about that.

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