Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've had several opportunities in the past few weeks to fill out paperwork at various Dr.'s offices. (Can you tell our FSA fund expires at the end of August? I've been to the GYN, the eye doctor, and a family doctor in the past 3 weeks.) And usually, there is a place to put your employer and/or occupation.

At the eye doctor, I had to update my file, since the last time I was there, I had been pregnant and working full time at "Heaven", my pre-motherhood job at an ad agency. I crossed it out and had to decide what to put down. The answer? Stay At Home Mom.

I picked up a bug at the end of last week (I thought it was the bug The Fuss had at the beginning of the week, but it seems to be hanging on to me a lot longer) and had to visit it primary care doc (which I don't have) so I went to a place that takes walk-ins and immediate new patients. They asked me what my occupation was - I answered, "Stay At Home Mom."

I've had trouble, for the last 17 months defining my roll and my place as far as all that goes, but I think I've figured it out now. I have begun to embrace my Stay-At-Home-ness.

I'm still working 18-20 hours a week outside the house, but I bring The Fuss with me. I haven't quite figured out a schedule for my days off yet - still trying to figure out how to handle all that "free" time. But I am getting into a rhythm with the housework and all the Mom time.

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