Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Love and random updates

We tried a new church/Sunday School class over the weekend – it was a couples class at a conservative Baptist church that is right near our house. We had visited heir newlyweds class over a year ago and it didn’t fit us well. With our bible education backgrounds from our private school, light, surface teaching bores us. This class, while including young couples who were further along in their relationships/lives than us, seemed to be more up or alley.

I was relieved to hear the statement during the class that you are supposed to love your spouse more than you love your child – differently, of course, but the spouse more than your child, none-the-less. I had always believed that that was God’s purpose – you are supposed to love Him, your spouse, your children – in that order. I know I sometimes struggle with loving Mr. Moose more than I love God – but that’s a topic for a different post, I think. ☺ So much of what I’ve read lately implies or comes right out and says that your child should be first, etc. It relieved me to hear otherwise from the Bible.

I know I’m going to love Kremit – I already do in some ways and I know that when she is born and I hold her and look at her for the first time, that I will love her even more and my heart and hers will forever be linked. But I cannot imagine or comprehend loving her more than I love my husband. It’s foreign to me.

In pregnancy news, our little girl has been increasing her strength and activity of late and I feel her all the time these days. It’s fun and assuring, though there have been a few times when I have expected her to move and she doesn’t and I get panicked.

Our kitchen, as I mentioned, is basically done, minus the backsplash and flooring. I chose the backsplash tiles last night, and while they are very plain, I think it will look nice. It will also allow me to do pretty much anything I want with the flooring, so I will be choosing that hopefully soon to complete the overall project. I ended up going with my dad’s preferred tile, even though it wasn’t what I originally envisioned. I sometimes think I do that that too often – submit to his preferences just because I want to please him – but overall, I think it’s going to work out nicely. I can’t wait to have a room completely done – not looking for a final detail or waiting for more money until I can fix/replace/install whatever.

I keep looking around my house wondering what irrational thing I’ll want to fix when I go through my nesting period – I’ve noticed several little things and more bigger things. There is a missing bit of paint in the hallway – on the ceiling and a nick in the doorframe outside the baby’s room. We tore out the ugly black rubber baseboards in the living room after we painted the room overall, and we never finished patching/repainting them. I’m really wanting to replace the ugly cheap rug we stuck under the dining room table since between human and dog-related spills one end of it looks really nasty. I found a comparable rug at Target for $35 on sale, but because of the budget constraints, I haven’t bought it yet. I am totally disconcerted by the closet issues in the baby’s room and I really want to replace them. If my dad pays for the tile in the kitchen, we may be able to swing both that and the travel system (which is the bigger priority) from the money mom gave us to help with the kitchen.

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