Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cold and Tummy - random combo, I know

I’m so glad I didn’t sign up for NaBloPoMo – though that may have made me get off my rear and do more posting!

I’m really feeling like I’ve been getting bigger this past week – I’ve asked Mr. Moose, but he’s not stupid and won’t answer that question (even when pregnant, it’s never a good idea to answer “do I look fatter than usual?”) I think I gained a few pounds, but I missed my regular weekly weigh-in at the grocery store (he went by himself at the end of a very long Monday) and so I’m not really sure.

I had a fright last night where my swelling feet started to go numb – but I think I may have just simply been lying too flat. My feet have begun to swell regularly at the end of the day – not freakishly as of yet, but enough that they are a bit puffy, and I’ve tried to elevate them more at night. Sitting up straighter seemed to help and Mr. Moose gave me a foot massage (isn’t he the greatest?)

I had an amazing bath last night after dinner – I tossed a tiny bit of bubbles in (I vaguely remember reading something about not taking bubble baths when pregnant, but I’m not sure it made sense, so I just kept it to a bare minimum) and made it just warm enough that I wasn’t sweating or anything, but it was really comfy. We got a cold front for this time of year and our high today was 70 degrees. I wore my leather jacket to the office since this city is essentially on the water and we were forecasted to get a decent amount of wind today – I couldn’t even think of buttoning it, but thankfully it wasn’t quite that cold! I’ll be stealing Mr. Moose’s jacket and/or living in the fleece sweatshirts from Old Navy as the weather gets cooler. No sense in buying a jacket that I may not be able to wear again because it’s so big!

I’ve struggled with my larger-than-usual tummy of late. I’ve never been one to be overly conscious of my weight – sure I bemoan the fact that I can’t fit into the cute little dresses I loved when I was skinny, but it’s never been a big obsession. As a matter of fact I vaguely remember thinking in passing “I wish I could just say I was pregnant – at least then any weight I had on me would be called baby and not that I’m a cow.” But lately, I’m noticing the size of my belly even more – and I’m not even to the rapidly growing stage yet. I have no problem gaining weight or stature for the health of my baby – I haven’t been dieting or anything – I’ve been eating reasonable meals, I’ve cut out the alcohol, and I’ve been craving vegetables and fruit, so the pounds haven’t really piled on, even though my tummy has definitely expanded. I guess I just wonder if I’m totally going to hate my body at the end of pregnancy and if I’ll ever have a decently-sized stomach again. I’ve never been one to do much exercise, I’ve never been one to be good about dieting – will it shrink down on it’s own to a reasonable post-baby size? Will I ever be less than fat again? I admit that I was less than (or more than?) skinny when I conceived – but I actually figured I may have lost some fat in the early days of pregnancy when I didn’t want to eat much, and what I wanted was healthy and low-fat. I figured that might have been the contributing factor to the expansion of my waistline and lack of gain on the scale. Am I doomed to be one of those “always a little heavy” mothers that no one really finds all that attractive?

Do you feel self-conscious in your post-baby body?

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