Monday, November 12, 2007

Home Improvement

I was informed on Saturday afternoon that the demolition on my kitchen would begin on Wednesday and I needed to have the tile of the current backsplash removed and the entire contents of my kitchen packed by then (or, preferably sooner). We also have a house-full of company coming over on Tuesday night for dinner (which thankfully, will be being prepared elsewhere and BROUGHT to my house) and of course, priming the baby’s room has been back burnered – AGAIN.

Don’t get me wrong – I am thrilled about this new kitchen (did I mention this yet? It’s been a whirlwind. Nutshell: My dad has offered to remodel my current kitchen with certain stipulations for the next couple of years worth of Christmas and Birthday gifts. We were made the offer on Saturday, a week ago, had picked out the colors for cabinets and countertops by the next day and dad had a drawing done by the cabinet-maker by Sunday night. – Papa Moose does nothing halfway.), but all of a sudden, things got very overwhelming. There was a brief crying fest as I attempted to finalize my grocery list for a week where I will only have access to the kitchen to cook for one-two days (including one with 8 guests).

Also, I am frustrated with the lack of forward progress on the baby’s room. I have been attempting to “clean” the Rubbermaid wired shelves that were left by the previous owner of the house. They have begun to break down, apparently and feel quite sticky and many of them have a gross yellowish ook on them that can only be removed by lots of rubbing with alcohol. It’s very slow going and since I’m not convinced that I like the configuration and they are very old-school so they can’t easily be moved around to a different configuration, I have stopped after several hours yesterday to get a second opinion from my mother. Mr. Moose was unable to do any work over the weekend on the patching and scraping of the walls due to yardwork/a last minute concert e attended Saturday night/plans with friends/a work thing/ demolition on the kitchen taking precedence. (He was obviously QUITE busy.) I really wanted it DONE by Thanksgiving, but that isn’t happening – at this point I’d be happy if it was PRIMED by then, but I’m not holding my breath. Mom’s friend is going to help with the fancy painting – possibly doing a mural on one wall – and I need to have her over to look at the space, but was hoping to do so after it was primed so it didn’t look so terrible.

I’ve had some Braxton hicks contractions today, and just came to the realization that I’m getting pretty near 30 weeks (I’m 25 weeks today). This seems like a mile-stone to me (30 weeks, that is) because I’ve very much been looking forward to it for some reason. I just figured it out on my calendar, though that 32 weeks occurs on New Year’s Eve which is MUCH too early for the baby to come even though somehow I had it in my head that if she were to come really early, I’d be okay as long as it was after 32 weeks. Anyway – the mind of a pregnant woman is a weird thing, I assure you.

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