Friday, November 16, 2007

The kitchen is nearly complete – there is a chance when I arrive at home tonight it will be done, but more likely tomorrow. This doesn’t include the floor or the backsplash, but at the least “have to for functionality” stuff is done. I’m having a blast picking out tile for the backsplash – but it’s much more difficult now that I don’t have a deadline hanging over me. Of course, I’d better hurry while my dad is still in project mode. ☺

I heard from my sister today that a close family friend just lost her baby at 19 weeks. I am devastated for her (as is she, naturally) and I am thanking God for the blessing of each kick and flutter today.

I arrived home tonight to a sparkling new kitchen. There were some limitations put on the use of it for the evening (caulk was still drying), but it’s BEAUTIFUL! I am so psyched! Pictures to come! We’re going to look at tile for the backsplash this weekend with my dad and we need to determine which linoleum we’re going to put on the floor. I was originally thinking about the possibility of just leaving the terrazzo, but I decided that I really wanted the floor to look brand-new, as well and give the room that completed look. My mom will help me make a valance as soon as I pick out a fabric. I’m hoping to do that this weekend, as well – and I want DH to finally get the baby’s room primed!!! But the dishwasher is in, it looks great and they did a practice run to make sure everything was fine!!!

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