Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I’m looking forward to taking the day off tomorrow for the 4th. The fatigue part of the program has begun, though I must admit that it is not nearly as horrible thus far as I expected.

My BFF, K, gave me all her old maternity clothes over the weekend. Her husband declared – give them away or throw them away – we’re not having any more kids. I am incredibly grateful. There are a few things I can’t wear because they are too small, and many others that are going to be great to grow into. She has this one pair of khaki pants from her first pregnancy 4 years ago. When she bought them then, I wanted a pair of my own – they are so cute. These adorable pockets, etc. I’m wearing them today, but wont’ be wearing them again. I’m already too wide in the hips for them and since they are made out of regular khaki fabric, they don’t give at all. I’ve been trying to readjust them all day. I feel like my insides might pop out at any minute. I hope the baby isn’t losing circulation!

I told my sister on Sunday, over the phone. She was so happy for me. It was exactly what I needed to hear after the disappointing reaction from Mr. Moose’s family and the stunned reaction from my dad last week. (He seems better now, by the way. He must have already started talking about it, because I got an email from my favorite aunt with congratulations.). I told my sister “you’re going to be an aunt” and she got all excited! She told me I had made her year. The fact that she had that much joy over my news – really made it seem as if she was sharing this with me. Our babies will be about 4 months apart, which is pretty cool.

There are 2 friends I’m dying to tell yet. One is one of our old Youth Group kids that I’ve kept in close touch with and the other is my friend M who is also pregnant right now and will be 4-6 weeks ahead of me. She will also hopefully be the one to watch the baby when I return to work. That had always been the plan until she got pregnant, and now I’m not sure if she will have the room or resources for my infant along with her own.

I still have not responded to SIL, J about that letter she wrote me last week. I’ve told Mr. Moose that he will have to help me write it, because my emotions run the gamut each time I think about what to say.

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