Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life is What Happens ...

Sunday night at 3am (so, really Monday morning) I got up to go to the restroom. I was feeling some tummy pressure and knew I needed to have a bowel movement. As is typical for me, they aren’t usually comfortable, but I got through it fairly quickly. As I cleaned up I noticed a fair amount of blood and assumed I had hemorrhoids (sorry if this is TMI), but checked to make sure one way or the other. I discovered that the blood was not in fact coming from the back, but the front and nearly had a panic attack. Long story short, I continued to spot pink for several more hours. I decided to stay home with my feet up (at my mom’s instruction) until my appointment that afternoon. My boss was very nice about it.

We went to the doctor’s office (where there was a mix up about my appointment and I was 2 hours early). And I met the midwife. I was rather nervous about that because I love my ARNP so much and my first experiences with the OB side of the office had been tense, but she was very nice. She relieved many of my fears about pains I’d had and sent me for a sonogram, just in case, though she was confident that things were fine. One thing I wish they provided was an email option for questions. The way the office is set up, you have to call and leave a voicemail for the nurse or assistant to the doctor you are wanting to deal with and she calls you back within about 36 hours. I would imagine email to be much more efficient for things like “can I take a Pepcid for this heartburn?” or “is it normal for me to be this tired ALL the time?” We had to go to the local hospital for the sonogram. (Their tech was out) It took forever, but we got to see our little lima bean. At just barely under 7 weeks, it didn’t do much, but it was there and the tech said everything looked fine.

A few hours after we finally got home (6 hours after we left) Mr. Moose’s sister, LB called. Long story short, she informed us that we were going to be an aunt and uncle as well as parents. As you know, this was a fear of mine, but I couldn’t help being excited for her. Her cycles are so weird and wonky that her due date could be the same as mine up to about 3 weeks after. What I found interesting after we hung up with her, was that Mr. Moose brought up the subject of inducing and stated that if we induced for health reasons, we weren’t going to give the family a lot of notice (a cousin, for instance found out about 6 weeks ahead of her due date that her doctor wanted to induce at 37 weeks). He doesn’t want to create tension and competition for who can get the baby out first, and neither do I. I had not mentioned my fears about LB’s competitiveness (as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago), but he felt the same way.

Ultimately, I am thrilled that she is having a baby and that there will not be that tension between us (from either way. I had always envisioned how I would feel if she got PG before me). We agreed to tell the extended family jointly (they have a large network of cousins and aunts and uncles), which sounded like fun at the time. I got an email from her today, though that my MIL suggests that we tell them before Aunt B goes in for surgery – July 18th. WHAT?! We were planning originally to announce it at cousin M’s wedding reception over Labor Day weekend when everyone was together and I would have passed my 1st trimester. Now they want to move that up a month and a half? For what?! LB won’t even really have her due date settled by then. And what if something happens (God forbid) to either baby in the first trimester? I can’t believe they are trying to pull this. I had told LB that I was willing to do it a little before the wedding because I didn’t want to totally rain on M’s wedding.

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