Friday, December 21, 2012

Stuff on my mind

My brain is going in so many different directions right now that even my planner is sitting on my desk, shoved off to the side -  I can't seem to get even my thoughts organized enough to write them down. Bullets. That's all I can do for now.

  • I did not get that job I applied for. I got a very polite email thanking me for my application, but informing me that they are going another direction. This actually works out fine, since the day before I got that email, my MIL who has been unemployed for a year and was my top (and really only - I had no other back up plan) choice for child care finally found a job and will be starting after the new year. 
  • I keep thinking I'm done with Christmas prep and then thinking of something else I need to do/buy, etc. 
  • I have lists coming out of my ears. 
  • I am SO motivated to organize, but to be honest, I don't have the time (right now, I will after Christmas) to do as much as I'd like, so I'm frustrated by wanting to organize while I clean and not being able to. 
  • My son threw a tantrum this morning as we were leaving the $ store because i wouldn't give him the cars I bought (for his stocking - I hadn't planned to, but he was so cute in asking and then when I set them in the cart and told him he'd have to wait, he was fine with that. Guess he thought he only had to wait until i was done paying). As soon as I mentioned that only good little boys went to the store and got a cookie (our grocery gives free cookies to the kids while shopping) the tantrum ceased and he cooed "cookie pace?" Adorable. Now I just need to have cookies to hold over his head all the time. 
  • Went to the $ store this morning and bought more containers with lids for organizing the kids toys. I've read countless blogs that mention $ store containers and I had never found them myself. I stumbled across them the other day (buried in the furthest recesses of my local Dollar Tree) and have used several already to straighten my desk and Fuss's things. (of which there are MANY more to straighten)
  • My mom is stubborn. And I really hate when she asks for help/advice and because she has NO idea how to do it herself and then completely disregards said advice. Seriously?
  • Army Wives Season 6 FINALLY made it on to Netflix streaming and I am back to my addiction. So sad that Pamela moved to California. 
  • Also back into Private Practice. I had loved it when it first started, but then I basically dropped all shows that my husband isn't interested in watching, so I haven't seen much since mid-season 2? 
  • Preschool Christmas programs are cute, but the cuteness only goes so far. 
  • But school ones are MUCH better than half-hearted AWANA ones. I kind of wanted to shoot myself on Wednesday night. I was almost hopeful that Fuss would misbehave enough to get herself forbidden from going. And then I realized I was being dramatic and since 2 of my best friends would be there (Kat and M) to watch THEIR little darlings, how bad could it be? Bad. Really bad. 
  • Fuss's teachers LOVED the presents we gave them for Christmas. They are loving getting the Thirty-One products I am giving them! :) I gave them each a Thermal Tote with their respective names on them ("Mrs. ________"), a gift card to Target (had trouble deciding if it should be a restaurant or Target, but went with Target - they can either buy fun stuff for themselves or practical stuff for the class or their families) and a giant chocolate bar (Symphony Toffee bits - seriously, one of the best chocolate bars ever). I also threw in a matching Owl-print nail file to her main teacher - she has a thing for owls (and I got her an owl print thermal tote) and I had extras. 
My posts lately seem to just abruptly come to an end. I really need to work on that. 

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