Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa brought me the power to organize!

I'm truly too embarrassed to take BEFORE pictures, (and honestly, since this has been an on-going project this month, it is SO much better than it was at it's disastrous peak) and it's really too late now to start. But I am awfully proud of myself for working so diligently to get the kids' rooms organized and under control - something they haven't been in a long, long time. I'm weeding out and clearing out unneeded and outgrown toys and clothes. I'm sorting them so that we have "a place for everything and everything in it's place." I'm becoming ruthless about that as a mantra. If there isn't room, then something has to go. I've cleared off 2 big shelves in Little Man's closet and it WILL be used to house his toys.The new toys (for the most part) all have homes in bins, etc. I raided the Target storage sale this morning and bought a bunch of bins of varying sizes (not as cheap as the $ store, but I needed something more than what Dollar Tree had to offer) to begin housing dress-up and doll clothes and I added a stackable rolling cart to Little Man's collection and re-purposed the bin I've been using for his toys to another location. I have GOT to get his out-grown clothes out of his room and into the garage. (which makes me nervous for all the FL humidity we deal with.)

My head is pounding today. It started early yesterday - about the time I was getting in the shower. Had so much to do and of course the excitement of everyone coming over and the hustle and bustle of the holidays (my step-family? I love them to bits, but they cannot make and keep plans to save their lives! I had 3 extra guests for dinner!) but I made it through the day without issue. By the time everyone left and I sat down to relax, it came back with a vengance and by the time we crawled into bed (after clearing the bed of all the various and sundry boxes and items that we had shoved into our room so we could be out of the way) I simply wanted to hide under the covers instead of truly enjoying our TV show. (Leverage, in case you were curious. And it apparently was suddenly cancelled, so we got the announcement a few days ago that this would be the series finale instead of just the season finale, so I really wanted to see it.)

Woke this morning to more pounding, though not nearly as bad as last night. Thought maybe a shower would perk me up. I'm basically just powering through it at this point. Too much to do and I'd LOVE to start 2013 with a clean and organized home!

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