Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Organize me!

I'm on an organizing kick (again) lately. Fuss got a new bed for Christmas from my dad (so Little Man can eventually have her old mattress and box spring on the floor w/ rails) and she is loving it, but there is even more chaos than usual in her room since it arrived (was a Craigslist purchase so it came upon delivery) and I am DETERMINED to get this kid organized. I won't let it get awful again! I WILL have this child organized if it kills me. (And it might.)

Several friends have told me how much they love organizing kids stuff. I'm baffled at that notion. For me, it's like pulling teeth (my own AND hers) to her Fuss to help clean up/pick up her room. Really? How can you be happy in all that insanity? Yes, my house in general is chaotic, but it DRIVES me NUTS. I want it all done and fixed and pretty, gosh darn it!

I bought boxes at the $Tree today for some of her items, but I've still got to figure out WHERE in her room they will be put once the stuff is in them. Yeah, I have that issue, too. I have friends who are good at this, but I'm too embarrassed (why do I always leave the second "r" out of that word?) to have them over, even though they've offered to help. It's just crazy around here.

We're a week away from Christmas. This means an in-flux of toys and clothes and new stuff that I have to find a place for. For both of them. And I have no space.

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  1. My kids want nothing to do with organization. I can get them to clean up their toys but they will not put them in specific bins for me so I end up reorganizing for them.

    Good luck!